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Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance can be used:

  • to deter theft.
  • to watch employees.
  • to catch perpetrators.
  • for covert operation.
  • to simply monitor your home or business when you are away.


EMI Security provides a broad range of CCTV products in order to help best suit your application and needs.

With so many products available on the market today it is important to have a qualified experienced company who is on your side. 

What to Consider before Purchasing a CCTV System-
  • Do you need to observe general activity, vehicles, or do you need to see specific items such as faces, merchandise, or vehicle tags?
  • Is the priority of the system the deterrence of potential crimes or the capture of criminal activity without the perpetrators being cognizant of the surveillance?
  • How many days of stored video do you need? How many camera locations are you needing to have covered?
  • Is the installation for your home or business?