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EMI Security

Veteran Friendly


After your mind is ready, the first step to defending yourself is to prepare your body so you are up to the task.

EMI has a fully equipped fitness room and gymnasium to take your conditioning level to the next step.

Can you protect yourself from an armed individual who's threatening the life of you or one of your loved one's? 

  • A fully padded close-quarters combat room provides our clients with a safe training environment to test their skills and better prepare them for true physical altercations.

Are you a police officer or sheriff's deputy needing some hands on training to keep your skills up to par?

  • Since 2008, EMI has offered law enforcement only training atmospheres and has provided their staff and facility at no cost to help provide our public safety employees with training and a place to go where law enforcement specific techniques can be perfected and kept fresh in the mind of the active officers.

Are you a Female looking for a Women's Self-Defense


  • EMI offers classes designed specifically with a woman's defense in mind.  The course provides skill instruction and demonstration of reliable techniques by highly qualified instructors, as well as the opportunity to try these techniques for yourself. Please call to confirm dates and availability.