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Protect your family or business... Call EMI Security
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EMI Security

Veteran Friendly

Executive Protection

Protection Detail
Are you looking for a security detail that delivers elite performance?

EMI Security offers personal protection services in armed and unarmed. EMI's highly dedicated and trained staff provides long term and short term service. Whether the need is deployment of small discrete teams, mobile escorts, an individual agent, or highly visible guards, EMI has the solution. 

EMI Security's Executive Protection Detail Team

EMI deploys security professionals across the nation. Our security staff has provided a wide variety of services to clients in the northern Virginia Region and Washington, D.C.

If you are interested in having EMI's personnel provide security services for yourself or another, then now is the time to act. While EMI has continued to send agents to other parts of the country, we have not overlooked the growing need for personal security services for: VIP's, Corporate Personnel, or Loved Ones while they are visiting or operating in the Southwest Region of Virginia. Request a security consultation and find out why our clients depend on EMI to secure their most valuable of assets.

Our highly trained staff is made up of current and previous law enforcement and military personnel. We staff both male and female specialists, all experienced in surveillance, counter-surveillance, advanced highway safety, and third-party protection.