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EMI Security

Veteran Friendly


When it comes to video surveillance in Virginia you won't find a more qualified company than EMI Security...

EMI Security originated from years of experience in imagery. Its history with camera technology was in the making during the mid 1960's and has evolved with the industry to the cameras available today equipped with night vision, high definition, and thermal imagery.

Manufacturer trained and certified technicians for Bosch, Pelco, Honeywell, and Apollo video systems are not just back at the office handling technical support, we keep them in the field performing the installations so the job is done right. Being well rounded in certification provides EMI with the lead in systems integration to help your security project run smoothly.

EMI also has on staff circuit court certified expert witnesses for security video testifying, and offers a full line of video conversion and enhancement services should the need arise when your video becomes evidence in a criminal investigation.

With installations all over the State of Virginia, EMI has a very diverse assortment of clients. These installations can be found in everything from store front shops to correctional facilities, and school campuses.

Do you need to see your cameras on your cell phone?

The technology of today has provided us all with the capability to remotely monitor our camera systems using a wide variety of communication options. EMI can provide a system that can utilize most any form of communication system available and get the video feed to the destination of your choice.